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CSL Player Development System

Carolina Select Lacrosse is built around a system of “player development” as opposed to a “win-focused” mentality. Our goal is to prepare players mentally, physically and fundamentally to compete with the best players in the nation, but we do not gauge success by wins and losses. The CSL philosophy not only teaches advanced individual and team skills, but more importantly instills discipline, leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork.

It is fairly safe to say that college coaches as well as professors and future employers are looking for individuals that are “well-rounded”. Being outstanding at one thing is not enough… and lacrosse is no exception.


As part of our curriculum, CSL has developed the Complete Player System. As part of the system, CSL coaches will:

  1. Identify each player’s strengths and weaknesses;
  2. Help players develop a Player Development Plan that includes goals for improving upon their weaknesses and capitalizing on their strengths;
  3. Guide players in attaining those goals.

The Complete Player System has 3 Main Components. Players will be evaluated based upon the age/division the player is participating in. The system is designed to grow with and guide the player as they move closer to college age. An important aspect of this plan is that it requires the player to actively participate and take ownership of their improvement.


  • Self Awareness – Players must be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Teamwork – Players must recognize and demonstrate the importance of teamwork.
  • Communication - Players must learn to effectively communicate with coaches, teammates, and college recruiters. Seek every opportunity to build interpersonal skills.


  • School Work – Education comes before lacrosse. Simply put, the better you do in the classroom, the better your chance of college acceptance. CSL players must maintain a minimum of 2.0 GPA to participate in events. This mirrors the NCAA regulations for recruiting and eligibility. This will be administered through an “honor-code”. We ask that parents and players inform us if grades are suffering.
  • Activities Outside of Lacrosse – Players are encouraged to be involved in activities outside of lacrosse that help mold their character and/or physical abilities. In many cases these are other sports, but may include involvement in other activities such as scouts, music, volunteering, etc. This helps to teach important time management skills, while also stressing the importance of following through on your commitments. We do not encourage players to overcommit themselves.
  • Work-Ethic & Self Discipline – Exceptional athletes, like students are those with a self-guided drive to do their best at everything they attempt. This is probably the most desired trait of an athlete because it is not something that can be easily taught.


  • Solid Fundamentals & Position Skills – CSL players typically have above-average skills and fundamentals when they come to our program. Our coaches will challenge each player to learn new skills, reach further and develop an expertise. As players grow with the sport, they will demonstrate particular skills appropriate to their role/position.
  • Game Sense – Players must be able to understand and control the pace of the game, identify transition opportunities, rides/clears and different offensive/defensive set-ups.
  • Athleticism – Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport in many ways. Players must demonstrate a commitment to improving and maintaining their stamina, strength and speed.
  • Sports Psychology – Successful players can maintain a positive attitude and a calm head through all situations. We will introduce various techniques for developing a mental fitness, including motivational preparation and visualization drills.

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